An effective keyword ranking report on Data Studio

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2 min readAug 7, 2021

A keyword analysis is integral to any marketing campaign.

But simply tracking keywords or trying to make sense of several isolated reports will give you an illusion of knowledge at best.

That’s where an SEO dashboard comes in. A smart combination of crucial bits of SEO data from several angles and places in one dashboard lets you reveal unique insights about your SEO campaigns, save you time on reporting, and spot patterns that other marketers wouldn’t.

But with so much ranking data from all the tools and services, what should go into your SEO dashboard?

Here are 7 key components of an effective keyword performance dashboard.

1. Keywords Overview (Reporting & Analysis)

A lot of time, marketers will use keyword analysis dashboards for SEO reporting.

They will report to their clients, to their colleagues, or even to themselves.

An overview dashboard is perfect for this purpose as it provides just enough information to form a big picture and yet doesn’t overload with too much data from the start.

But this is where it gets tricky: what information should this dashboard feature?

Here’s what a keywords overview dashboard should be able to do:

  • Present actionable data for people with different experience in SEO. A client with no SEO experience will quickly get lost in keyword metrics, let alone several rows of them. A client who is an SEO manager themselves will be bored with basic graphs and would like to know about rankings in more detail. Your dashboard should feature both intuitive visual graphs and numeric data segmented by several parameters to satisfy both parties.
  • Let quickly switch between overview mode and focused mode. By analyzing big-picture views, you can spot interesting patterns, but you need to dig deeper to validate your findings. In most analytical tools, you’ll spend time switching between different views and filters, and this added friction prevents you from being intuitive in your search. Your SEO report dashboard should support several views in one place or one click away.

Here are the elements this dashboard contains:

  • A visual graph on the right to spot website ranking trends
  • Keywords breakdowns by length, country, and device to spot patterns
  • An overview of keyword rankings by clusters of Top 3, Top 10, and Top 20 for deeper dive into ranking trends
  • A panel on the left to switch between overview and more detailed views

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