Free Google Analytics 4 Audit

Google Analytics 4 Audit

Why Analytics Audit?

It takes a lot of time to audit a Google Analytics profile, as you have to check different reports and multiple settings for your account. And while you may think your data is perfectly precise, the unpleasant fact is that a lot of the people who rely on Google Analytics are relying on bad data because of broken configurations. There are too many people wasting time and resources on reporting and optimization before having fixed the measurement part. There are deadlines, deliverables, and actions you need to take on the data and in order to be actionable, data needs to be accurate and trustworthy. Otherwise, you will result in making bad business decisions based on inaccurate data. Similarly, if you’re working with clients, you want to quickly identify any implementation errors in your client’s analytics.

Automated Health Check for GA4

For this reason, we managed to automate the health check of your Google Analytics 4 account using our knowledge and the capabilities of Data Studio. With just one click and few seconds, you can easily identify gaps in the quality and accuracy of your data and decrease the time for the health check process.

Ecommerce Set Up

When comparing it with Universal Analytics, the Google Analytics 4 version is fundamentally different: from data collection and user infrastructure, to reporting and data analysis.


In this article our goal is to make you aware of your Google analytics Set up and data by offering you our simple but comprehensive health check for free. Our Google Analytics 4 Health Checker will definitely help you interpret and act on the results of the Analytics audit checklist. Make sure to get it and give us your feedback!



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